Surf Spots

Surfing in Cape Town

The coasts in and around Cape Town offer the most beautiful beaches to surf. There are various spots for for every need and ability. The surfing conditions are best during the African winter (March - October), during thi stime you´ll get world class waves for surfing!

Here's a selection of the surfing spots in Cape Town:

Big Bay


This beach break spot between Melkbos and Bloubergstrand is popular with surfers of any kind and level. Big Bay has a clear hirarchy for all board-sports . This means you can still enjoy your surf when it's windy and the kite- and windsurfers are out. The spot is known for its friendly locals and has a nice new beach front with lots of cafes, restaurants, surf shops and even a little mall. Level of experience: beginner on small days, intermediate and advanced on bigger wave days.


Near-by beach break spot. Usually the South Easter picks up here a bit later than at the more northern parts of Table Bay and waves can get bigger here. Fun for intermediate surfers.


Delievers some excellent waves, especially in winter. Waves break to the left and right hand at this beach break, which is beautifully surrounded by dunes and mountains. Best surfed at light north east winds. But beware of rips and rocks and don´t get lost in the kelp!


Is the most popular learning spot for beginners and is only about a 30-minute drive from Cape Town. The wave characteristic of this surf spot are gentle, ideal working under a north-westerly wind direction. The beach front offers lots of cafes, restaurants, surf shops and surf-schools.

Long Beach

At Kommetjie is a long, sandy beach that’s very popular amongst surfers. The wave breaks both to the left and the right, which gives ample opportunities for both natural and goofy footers to catch a wave. It’s about a 40-minute drive away from Cape Town. Offshore conditions on a south-west wind, recommended for experienced surfers.


This beach break spot is one of the most beautiful, the Cape has to offer: crystal-blue water, snow-white sand and majestic boulders all add to its special charm. Round about a 15-minute drive from the city bowl away, you´ll find a couple of other surfers and bodyboarders there. Llandudno is not for the faint-hearted, as the wave gets really hollow, and big rocks loom near the right-hand wedge.For intermediate to advanced surfers.


If you are keen for a real mission, head out to Dunes. It is a 40-minute drive from the city in the direction of Noordhoek Beach. In order to get to the beach break, you will have to trek along a stretch of beach, which will take you approximate 30 minutes. On a good surf day (best case south-easterly wind), you can expect six to eight foot waves that provides amazing tubes. Recommended for very experienced surfers only.