Kite Spots

Kitesurfing in Cape Town

There are over 15 kitesurfing spots in Cape Town, and up to 25 spots within a 250km radius from Cape Town. During the African summer the “Cape Doctor” guarantees powerful south-easterly winds, a phenomenon that has made Cape Town one of the worlds top destinations for kite and wind surfing.

Although most spots in Cape Town are best suited for intermediate and advanced kitesurfer, even rookies will find several spots to kite. For kite surfers, wind surfers there are lots of amazing spots to be discovered. It will be hard to pick your favorite!

Here's a selection of the kitesurfing spots in Cape Town:

Kite Beach/Dolphin Beach

Looong, white beach stretched out in front of the door. Wave-spot with medium to high waves. In the early afternoon with medium wind, you´ll also find some beginners taking their first lessens here, when winds pick up in the afternoon, the advanced kite surfers and pros show off their latest tricks.

Sunset Beach:

Waveriding-spot, popular especially amongst windsurfers with fast and hollow waves, that can break close out. Waves go to the right and the left here. Good for a surf as well on days with light northern or north eastern winds.

Big Bay


This beach break spot between Melkbos and Bloubergstrand is popular with surfers of any kind and level. Best surfed on a day when an east to south-east wind is blowing. The spot is known for its friendly locals and has a nice new beach front with lots of cafes, restaurants, surf shops and even a little mall. Level of experience: beginner on small days, intermediate and advanced on bigger wave days.


Table View's big wave spot. Although Haagkat has become popular amongst wave-kiters, you should watch out for windsurfers as it can get crowded quickly. Thye wind in Haagkat often blows slightly off-shore, which adds difficulty to the limited size.

Witsands / Scarborough

Witsands and Scarborough are the big-wave spots on the other side of Cape Town. These spots are suitable for expert riders only! Watch out for rocks, rips and kelp. Due to the rocks downwind you should only kite there with a leash.


Although Muizenberg is more popular for surfers, it can still deliver world-class freestyle conditions. Catch a session at Sunrise Beach in outgoing tide and you'll experience some of the flattest water you have ever ridden.


Langebaan is a fishing village set at a huge lagoon about 100km from Cape Town, about an hour drive from Blouberg. In langebaan you'll find two major spots: Main Beach and Shark Bay. While Shark Bay offers a large shallow area and on-shore wind, Main Beach is getting deep quickly and gets usually side-shore winds. Langebaan in the perfect location for a day-trip to progress your kitesurfing skills.